Nancy Prince
Thread Painting

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This website provides a safe easy-to-find source of information on our ancestors. Easy to create pages for you and your ancestors.

Trying to create my quilts with an unreliable sewing machine is the difference between work and play.  Nothing takes the joy out of a project like struggling with a cantankerous machine.  Thread painting subjects my machine to millions of stitches every year, yet my Bernina has never given me the slightest problem.  Follow this link to their website to learn more about their products.

There is a reason why many award winning quilters choose Superior Threads. In addition to fine quality products and a wide range of colors, we are innovators. Our thread is more than just thread—it is a key design element.

Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims bring you the friendliest, Interactive Online Community for Quilters Worldwide! Join today to learn, share, create, connect and watch Alex and Ricky in brand new episodes of "The Quilt Show"!

Tom's education is primarily engineering with a strong business emphasis and together with many years working for large corporations, owning his own home building company and high tech company has created a wealth of knowledge that he is only to happy to share. He is a researcher extraordinaire!

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