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On Demand Video Workshops

 So what is an "On Demand" Video Workshop? 

Basically the "on demand" part enables you to take an online video workshop at your convenience, whenever you want.   No more waiting on a specified workshop date to begin.   You can start as soon as you register for the workshop.   How great is that?   You will be given a password that allows you to go back to the site time and time again as many times as you want within two months of registration if you need to start over or you just need a refresher.   While you might miss the face-to-face contact with the teacher and the other students in a regular workshop, there are many more benefits to taking an online workshop.

What are the advantages of an Online Video Workshop vs. a regular quilting workshop?  

§   No more hauling your heavy sewing machine and all your supplies to a quilt show or shop

§   No more traveling to the workshop in inclement weather

§   No more getting to the workshop only to find you left important supplies at home

§   No more classes cancelled because of low enrollment and the supplies have already been purchased

§   No more feeling like you have to keep up with the rest of the class – you can work at your own pace

§   No more trying to fit a workshop into your schedule

§   No more learning in a strange classroom.   You can learn from the comfort of your home right in your jammies without the normal classroom distractions (peoples projects, problems and personal lives)

What are the advantages of an On Demand Video Workshop vs. a  traditional online video workshop?

§   You can register for your selected workshop whenever you wish – no more waiting for a specified date for the workshop to start.

§   You don’t have to wait for the next lesson to be posted   - the entire workshop is at your fingertips from the moment you register.

§   You can reenter the workshop any time you wish for two months after registration.

§   You can print off the PDF lessons and watch the videos online over and over again.

§   You can stop and start the lesson any time you wish.

§   You can rewind if you are distracted and miss a section.

How do you get started?

§   Preview the available Online Workshops , the outline and supply lists for each workshop and peruse workshop kits available for sale at a discount

§   Click on the name of the workshop you would like to take.   This will direct you to the shopping cart where you will pay for the selected workshop and be asked to supply your email address.

§   Payment of the workshop will generate an email back to you with a password that allows your entrance into the workshop

§   Return to my website, enter your password and you are ready to start –it’s that easy

§   Subsequent returns - just enter the password to begin.

§   Check the Terms of Agreement for taking an online class

What can you expect when you register for one of my video workshops?

§    Clearly written, easily understood step-by-step Power Point instructions and the latest technology in online video technology.  

§   PDF lesson files complete with Power Point photos and instructions for you to print and keep for easy reference.

§   All workshops have been designed with the beginner in mind.   However, even an advanced thread painter can benefit from the workshops.

§   Student and teacher Show and Tell where you can upload your own project in progress or your completed quilts and view some of my quilts in progress (if I ever have time to do that again).

§   Interact with other students in a Student and Teacher Forum set up specifically for each workshop project where you can post your questions and chat with other students, and oh, yes, me too.

§   Total freedom to log on when you want and participate with other students when you want (or not).

§   To honor the copyright of my designs, next time your friend asks for a “copy” of your instructions or your password, think again.   If your friend truly values my work, she will be happy to sign up for her own workshop.

I hope this answers your beginning questions.   If you are still undecided or have questions, visit my Q & A section for answers to commonly asked questions.   If that doesn’t do the trick, then Contact me with specific questions.   So grab a seat in the classroom and give online workshops a shot – I hope to “see” you online soon!!!

Q&A Regarding Video Workshops

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